Facilities upgrades at our school

Exciting Improvements
Building Improvements

Throughout the summer, extensive work has been done to make structural and visual improvements at WHS and WACTC.

1.    At WHS the roof has been completely finished; the entire school has been repainted; shades have been added; the auditorium has been painted, and new carpet was added; a new PA and security system has been installed; and the grounds have been manicured. In addition, TV’s have been added throughout the building; the eLearning Academy has moved to WHS; and technology has been added to enhance the students’ educational experiences.

At WACTC the roof has been repaired; the driveway has been replaced and the landscaping has been done. Room improvements have been made to graphics, health, computer science/game design, and college and career readiness/portfolio. The construction program also enclosed the outside overhang which created 3000 square feet of space. Lastly the PTECH computer science program is ready to welcome 50 incoming freshmen. The program is only one of 5 in the state initiated by the Governor that allows students to earn a high school diploma, up to an associate’s degree from CCRI, and a first-in-line job opportunity with our business partner, CVS. We will start this first year with 50 students who are entering 9th grade and CVS already has 50 mentors for them.